• Household and commercial cleaning services

    Carpet cleaning

    It is important to get your carpets cleaned for a variety of reasons. Not only will your residence look and feel better, it will also smell better and be beneficial to your health. There are so many particles, bacteria, dirt, dust, and allergens that can be caught in the carpet which will in turn, transmit into the air. In order to clean all of these particles in the air and in the carpet, it's important to get your carpets professionally cleaned. Cleaning your carpets can be a very strenuous and laborious task, which is why we have the professionals, equipment and eco friendly products to help you out.

    Professional steam cleaning of mattress and sofa

    Mattress and sofa take up different types of dirt, dead skin, and mites. Therefore steam cleaning your mattress and sofa helps in getting rid of urine, sweat, stains, dust, kills mites and bedbugs. Do you know how to steam clean?

    Household and commercial cleaning services

    Services include: carpet cleaning, floor waxing, steam cleaning , cleaning before move in, etc.