• Wasp Control Service

    The bee's sting has barbs (Unlike a wasp's, which is straight and doesn't come off the wasp). That's why wasps are very aggressive and very dangerous.

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    Vespa nest

    The more primitive social wasps, the nest sheet is usually only a single layer, and the outer surface is not protected by a nest shell. The colony is usually less than 50. The nesting site is often near the building and also very aggressive.

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    Wasp nest

    The wasp stings have no barbs; it’s straight and doesn't come off the wasp, so they are extremely aggressive and dangerous. If a nest is found at home, to avoid being attacked, we recommend arranging a professional pest control company to remove the nest as soon as possible.

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    Honey bee nest

    Swarming is essential to the bees' survival. If the hive becomes overcrowded, resources will be scarce and the colony's health will begin to decline. So every now and then, a bunch of bees will fly out and find a new place to live. Sometimes a serious threat of predators will cause the hive to migrate to other places to build nests.