• Rodent Control Service

    Rats can carry thousands of viruses, and the harm to humans is fatal

    Worldwide, rats and mice spread over 35 diseases. These diseases can be spread to humans directly, through handling of rodents, through contact with rodent feces, urine, or saliva, or through rodent bites. And even rat lice that has feed on rodents.

    Generally speaking, rodent season begins when the weather starts to cool. Once it cools off rats & mice will begin their search for warmer spaces where they can get shelter from cold .At this time, the rats need more heat, so they will go out for food. More frequently than before, this is the reason why mice have more contact with humans in winter! At the other end of the spectrum, failing to get rid of mice in the home can lead to large populations inside the house.

    Assess the current rodent infestation and provide appropriate control methods .Check the accessible and visible rat intrusion locations and suggest to seal all possible entry points. Use Ultrasonic rodent repellents for an immediate effect at first. Use sticky & snap traps as monitoring points where there are rodent activities. Place rodent poison baits at rodent runways & harborage with warning labels. Retrieve rodent carcasses if any and disinfect the area immediately during the treatment.